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Nestled in the heart of Dublin, the cultural and historical epicentre of the city, Temple Bar is more than just a district—it’s a vibrant tapestry of art, music, history, and, of course, exceptional bars. As you wander through its cobbled streets and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, you’ll quickly discover that Temple Bar is a true gem for those seeking the perfect pint, a lively night out, and a taste of Ireland’s rich heritage.  At Find a Venue we specialise in sourcing our clients the very best Venues in the city.

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18 Great Venues in Temple Bar Dublin

In this blog, we’re embarking on a spirited journey to uncover the very best bars that Temple Bar has to offer. From the traditional Irish pubs steeped in centuries of history to the modern establishments serving up craft beers and innovative cocktails, we’ll guide you through the must-visit watering holes where you can savor the craic (Irish for fun and enjoyment) in its purest form.  Here’s our list.


The Old Storehouse

3 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Old Storehouse - Temple Bar Dublin

The Old Storehouse is a traditional Irish bar located in the heart of Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, specifically at 3 Crown Alley in Temple Bar, Dublin 2. This venue is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, offering high-quality food and drinks services.

The Old Storehouse provides a variety of bar options to cater to different preferences:

  1. Snug Bar: For those seeking a quiet and intimate setting, the snug bar at The Old Storehouse offers a cosy atmosphere.
  2. Main Bar: The lively main bar is a hub of activity, featuring live music sessions. It’s a great place to soak in the traditional Irish pub experience and enjoy live entertainment.
  3. O’Flaherty’s at The Old Storehouse: This venue also includes O’Flaherty’s Pub, adding another bar option for patrons to enjoy.

The venue boasts a nice covered smoking area for those who prefer to smoke in comfort.  The venue boasts a great array of live music 7 Days a week.

If you’re looking for event space, The Old Storehouse can accommodate private venue hire or part venue hire in their unique and authentic O’Flaherty’s Pub, making it a versatile choice for gatherings and special occasions in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin. It’s a prime destination for those seeking an authentic Irish pub experience in this iconic cultural quarter.

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The Merchants Arch Bar & Restaurant

48-49 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Merchants Arch - Temple Bar Dublin

Nestled in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin, The Merchant’s Arch stands as one of the Best Bars in Dublin, benefiting from an enviable location right beside the famous Ha’penny Bridge. This charming district, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and rich history, provides the perfect backdrop for your visit.

When it comes to dining and and beverages, The Merchant’s Arch offers a delightful array of options. Visitors can start by indulging in delectable cuisine, ranging from the famous Breakfast menu and tempting light bites to a satisfying three-course meal. Whether you’re in the downstairs bar or ascend the remarkable stone staircase to the newly renovated restaurant, you’re in for a treat. From these vantage points, you can take in spectacular views of the River Liffey and the iconic Ha’penny Bridge, making your dining experience truly memorable.

The venue proudly presents an impressive variety of beverages, ranging from the finest pints of Guinness in the city to delicious cocktails and an extensive collection of enviable whiskeys. At The Merchants, there’s a drink to satisfy every taste and preference.

The establishment features one of the city’s most exceptional private rooms, which can be exclusively reserved for a wide range of occasions. This private room is complemented by both set and customisable menus, making it suitable for various events, including conferences, weddings, corporate gatherings, private parties, and more. With a spacious capacity, the room can comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests.

No visit to an Irish establishment is complete without music. At The Merchant’s Arch, a diverse musical landscape awaits, featuring live traditional Irish Music, contemporary hits, and timeless classics. The melodies fill the air seven days a week, ensuring that your time here is not just a meal but a genuine Irish experience. The Merchant’s Arch captures the essence of Temple Bar Dublin, offering an unforgettable experience in this iconic cultural quarter.

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The Temple Bar

47-48 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Temple Bar - Temple Bar Dublin

Situated right in the heart of the vibrant Temple Bar district of Dublin, The Temple Bar is your quintessential Irish experience. Upon entering, you’ll receive a hearty Irish welcome that sets the tone for an authentic visit.

This venue prides itself on offering a diverse range of food and drinks, including one of the most impressive whiskey collections in the entire Temple Bar area. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply looking to savor the flavours of Ireland, you’re in for a treat.

Music enthusiasts will be delighted to know that The Temple Bar hosts live music seven days a week, featuring both traditional tunes and contemporary melodies. It’s the perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of Ireland.

The Temple Bar boasts an array of event spaces, cementing itself as one of the most sought-after venues in the Temple Bar, Dublin region. Whether you’re planning a special celebration or a corporate gathering, they have you covered. It’s a hub of activity and a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the lively and historic Temple Bar district of Dublin.

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The Auld Dubliner

24 – 25 Temple Bar, Dublin

The Auld Dubliner - Temple Bar Dublin

The Auld Dubliner, a cherished family-run pub nestled in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin, has long been a labour of love. This pub, owned and operated by the same family, has devoted itself to curating fascinating trinkets and Irish memorabilia, refining recipes, and expertly pouring pints to craft what could easily become your new favourite local pub.

Renowned for its vibrant and celebratory atmosphere, The Auld Dubliner is a popular destination in the Temple Bar district, known for creating an authentic party experience. They proudly serve hearty and delicious food seven days a week, ensuring that you can savor a satisfying meal whenever you visit.

Live music is at the heart of The Auld Dubliner’s offerings, featuring both traditional Irish tunes and contemporary melodies. It’s the ideal place to immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of Temple Bar Dublin. Whether you’re seeking a welcoming local pub, a lively party atmosphere, or a taste of authentic Irish and contemporary music, The Auld Dubliner in Temple Bar has it all.

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Buskers Bar

13 – 17 Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin

Buskers Bar - Temple Bar Dublin

In the heart of vibrant and immensely popular Temple Bar Dublin, lies the iconic Buskers Bar, a renowned live music venue that has become a beloved landmark.  Buskers Bar offers an unforgettable experience with complimentary live music performances every day.

Buskers boasts a host of great event spaces making it a popular choice for large groups and corporate gatherings.  The venue offers an array of diverse food & drink menus with bespoke options available on request.

No matter the occasion, this venue is a perfect choice, whether you’re in the mood for relaxed post-date cocktails or preparing for an exhilarating night out. Buskers caters to all types of gatherings and preferences. It’s also a top pick as a sports venue, with 18 screens that ensure all guests can catch every thrilling moment of the action. It’s a fantastic venue and one of the most beloved in the area.

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Foggy Dew Pub

1 Fownes St Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Foggy Dew - Temple Bar Dublin

Nestled in the heart of Dublin City Centre, precisely at Central Bank Square, The Foggy Dew is a well-known historical bar that offers the perfect setting for a leisurely afternoon pint or serves as an excellent meeting point before embarking on a night out in town.

With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1901, The Foggy Dew embodies the qualities of a cherished local bar while enjoying an enviable City Centre location right beside Dublin’s famous Temple Bar area.

The intimate size of the pub ensures you’ll never lose sight of your friends, but if you seek a moment of seclusion, there are ample nooks and crannies to discover. The Foggy Dew’s ambiance is enhanced by live music, with Sunday’s live music sessions drawing an enthusiastic crowd.

Whether you’re dropping by for a friendly drink, settling in to catch a match, or simply immersing yourself in the wonderful live music scene, The Foggy Dew in Temple Bar, Dublin, effortlessly checks all the boxes for a memorable experience in this vibrant cultural quarter.

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The Wild Duck

17/20 Sycamore St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Wild Duck - Temple Bar Dublin

Nestled in the heart of Temple Bar, The Wild Duck offers a unique blend of retro, vintage, and funky aesthetics, all while retaining a warm and welcoming traditional Irish ambiance. Helmed by actor and restaurateur Gary Whelan, The Wild Duck serves as a dynamic cultural hub where you can always expect the unexpected. It stands as Dublin’s newest destination for music, food, and theatre experiences.

At The Wild Duck, you’ll find an eclectic mix of funk, rock, and traditional bands, complemented by a delectable array of burgers and hotdogs. The venue’s décor is a visual feast, challenging the norms of even the most fabulous galleries. It has quickly earned its reputation as the go-to spot for a laid-back daytime pint or an electrifying night out in the city.

Renowned for its diverse line-up of live music acts, The Wild Duck offers an extensive selection of event spaces, making it an ideal choice for both large corporate gatherings and social events. With its distinctive blend of culture, entertainment, and gastronomy, The Wild Duck has firmly established itself as a must-visit venue in Temple Bar Dublin.

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Ha’ penny Bridge Inn

42 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The ha' penny Bridge - Temple Bar Dublin

The Ha’penny Bridge Inn is located on Wellington Quay in the centre of Temple bar and has been in continuous use as a Public House since the middle of the 19th Century. The building originally dates from 1732, but has existed, relatively unchanged since 1825 when the current incarnation of Wellington Quay was completed.

The Ha’penny Bridge, built in 1816 was originally called the Iron Bridge, but the name slowly evolved as it was a toll bridge which charged the princely sum of one halfpenny to cross the Liffey. The pub offers some of the best views in the city of this historical landmark in the centre of Dublin.

In the early 20th Century the pub became “Murray’s” and was eventually taken over by Josef Locke the renowned Irish Tenor and subject of the film “Hear my Song” who not only owned the pub, but resided in the apartment upstairs for most of the 1960’s. It was also a popular spot visited frequently by Phil Lynnott and his bandmates from Thin Lizzy in their formative years. The pub was then acquired by Jim Moran. In 1989 it was acquired by Michael Ryan from Tipperary who, along with his family runs it to this day.

The Ha’penny Bridge Inn is one of the few remaining family owned pubs in the Temple Bar area, and indeed in Dublin City Centre, and maintains its long tradition of being a much beloved neighbourhood pub frequented by local people.  The venue boasts a warm welcome to anyone who crosses the threshold –  Highly recommend.

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The Palace Bar

21 Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Palace Bar - Temple Bar Dublin

The Palace Bar, located right on the edge of the district on Fleet Street, stands as one of the city’s oldest and most distinguished pubs. Its exterior is adorned with cascading flowers from hanging baskets, and an antique lamppost marks the entrance, giving it a charming and inviting appearance.

Once you step inside, the narrow entryway opens up to a surprisingly bright and spacious seating area, complete with a skylight and beautifully crafted stained glass windows. While the Palace is well-known for serving top-notch pints of Guinness, it also champions Irish craft beers. Among them, Galway Hooker, a pioneer in the craft beer scene, has been a fixture for quite some time, with their Pale Ale being one of the earliest entries into the craft beer market.

For those seeking a drink with a literary edge, the back room is a treasure trove of framed pictures of past patrons, ranging from playwrights to novelists and journalists, adding a rich historical dimension to your visit.

Beyond its fine libations and literary connections, the Palace Bar is also celebrated for its lively live music sessions, making it a standout destination for those in search of a memorable pub experience.

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Bad Bobs

35-37 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Bad Bobs - Temple Bar Dublin

Bad Bobs, situated on Essex Street in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin, is the ultimate destination for a wide range of experiences, no matter the occasion.  Whether you’re in the mood for a casual post-date cocktail or preparing for an exciting night out, Bad Bobs caters to all preferences and events.

When you choose to dine at Bad Bobs, you’re indulging in dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, boasting the freshest and most flavourful meals possible – All of their food is freshly prepared in-house.

While they take their food seriously at Bad Bobs, they are equally proud of their extensive drink selection.  From a fine assortment of homely Irish Whiskey and a Great range of drafts  to creative cocktails and worldly Liqueurs their expert bar staff have you covered.

The venue boasts one of Dublin’s only rooftop terraces with its own bar, seating area, and smoking section, making it the ideal spot for large groups and unforgettable nights out.

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The Vintage Cocktail Club

15 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Vintage Cocktail Club - Temple Bar Dublin

Tucked away discreetly behind an unassuming doorway in the heart of Temple Bar Dublin, you’ll discover The Vintage Cocktail Club, a hidden treasure among Dublin’s cocktail bars. This enchanting venue provides the perfect setting for intimate gatherings after work, pre-show cocktails, clandestine rendezvous, or late-night revelry.

Cross the threshold of the Vintage Cocktail Club, and you’ll step into the glamorous world of 1920s speakeasies, aviators, and silent movie starlets. This clandestine bar boasts an impressive selection of meticulously crafted, award-winning cocktails, all made with the finest seasonal ingredients. If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll also find a delightful menu of bites to savor.

Feel free to ring the doorbell, take a seat, and let their expert team cater to your every cocktail desire while satisfying your culinary cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for an evening of seasonal libations or seeking a refined and alluring escape, the Vintage Cocktail Club offers a sanctuary from the outside world, inviting you to fully immerse yourself in the mystique and charm of a bygone era.

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The Porter House

 16-18 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Porter House - Temple Bar Dublin

The Porterhouse in Temple Bar first opened its doors in 1996, marking the birth of Dublin’s very first pub brewery. In a beer landscape that was then, they decided to inject a bit of cheeky charm into the scene.  The venues beers bore names like “Weiserbuddy”  and “Probably, the best lager in the world.” This playful approach certainly got people talking and even raised eyebrows in the drinks industry, threatening potential legal disputes with some major players.

Among fellow publicans, there were bets placed on how long a bar could thrive without offering mainstream beers. Well, fast forward to today, and the Porter House is still here, proudly brewing some of the finest beers you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting.   The venue has come to realise that not everyone is in search of the mainstream.

The Porter House offers the public a diverse range of their own crafted beers, boasting the largest selection of world-class beers in all of Ireland. On top of that, they serve up a hearty dose of fantastic live music every night, traditional music sessions on the weekends, and, when hunger strikes, great pub grub.  A great venue for craft lovers and a refreshing addition to the Temple Bar area.

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Brogans Bar

 75 Dame Street, 75 Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Brogans Bar - Temple Bar Dublin

Nestled in close proximity to the much-adored Olympia Theatre, Brogan’s is a pub that exudes a natural weathered and time-worn charm. The unvarnished wooden floor and furnishings contribute to the pub’s authentic, aged ambiance. This unique atmosphere is further enhanced by what can only be described as the city’s most extensive collection of vintage Guinness advertisements outside of St. James’ Gate. These adverts adorn every conceivable inch of wall space within the bar, creating a visually captivating experience. A cosy touch is added by a bookshelf situated at the entrance of the bar, lending a homely feel. The seating is unpretentious and traditional.

When it comes to the drinks, one naturally anticipates a well-crafted pint, given the plethora of Guinness artwork adorning the walls. Thankfully, Brogan’s lives up to these expectations. The pints not only come at a reasonable price, but they also consistently deliver in terms of taste and quality.    If your after a grass roots pub, then look no further  – Highly recommend.

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Oliver John Gogarty’s

18-21 Anglesea St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Oliver St. John Gogartys - Temple Bar Dublin

Gogarty’s is prominently situated at the heart of Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, Temple Bar. Stepping into Gogarty’s Traditional Irish Bar feels like a journey back to the late 19th Century, with its flagstone floors and an array of original artifacts that lend the pub an authentic ambiance. As you explore the interior, you’ll find the walls paying homage to Gogarty himself and honouring iconic Irish writers such as Joyce, Beckett, Behan, and many others.

For those seeking a taste of traditional Irish cuisine, Gogarty’s has you covered with an award-winning restaurant offering daily delights, from Dublin Bay mussels to Beef & Guinness casserole—ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

The vibrant bar at Gogarty’s is a hub of excitement throughout the week, offering a variety of music genres to keep you entertained. You can revel in the very best of live traditional Irish music from 1pm until the wee hours at 2.30am. Whether it’s the history-infused ambiance, delectable food, or lively entertainment, Gogarty’s has it all for you to enjoy.

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Bad Ass Cafe

 9-11 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin

Bad Ass Cafe - Temple Bar Dublin

Established in 1983, The Bad Ass Café is a quintessential Temple Bar Dublin gem, located at the very heart of this vibrant district.   The Bad Ass Café retains its status as a beloved and laid-back dining spot. Recently refurbished, it has expanded its offerings to include a Friday night Comedy Café in the upstairs section, adding even more entertainment to the Temple Bar scene.

The menu at The Bad Ass Café is diverse and includes options such as pizza, salads, burgers, and sandwiches, catering to a variety of tastes.

On days when the weather cooperates, you can take a seat at the outdoor terrace. From there, you can not only savor your meal but also enjoy street performances and immerse yourself in the lively and dynamic atmosphere that defines Temple Bar.

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The Quays

 10-12 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Quays - Temple Bar Dublin

The Quays Bar is centrally located in the heart of Dublin’s renowned Temple Bar district. Boasting a vibrant mix of both local patrons and tourists, it stands out as one of Dublin’s liveliest pubs.

What truly sets The Quays apart is its daily live Irish traditional music, which acts as a magnetic draw for those seeking some authentic craic (Irish fun and entertainment). With stories exchanged from near and far, each day brings a new and exciting experience to The Quays.

On the first floor, you’ll find a full Irish restaurant offering a superb, well-rounded menu that includes traditional Irish favourites like Irish Stew and Dublin Coddle.

So, whether you’re here for the craic or to bask in the warm and friendly atmosphere, The Quays Bar invites you to join the fun.

Opening Times:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10.30am until Late!
  • Sunday: Midday until Late!

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The Norseman

 28E, Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The Norseman - Temple Bar Dublin

The Norseman is prominently located on Essex Street in the heart of Temple Bar Dublin, making it a prime destination for aficionados of whiskey and craft beer. At The Norseman, they take immense pride in offering high-quality libations and have recently embarked on a historical journey by reverting the bar’s name back to its original, “The Norseman.”

The roots of The Norseman as a tavern trace back to the 1500s when it was famously known as the Wooden Man Tavern, a nod to the wooden Viking figure that adorned the street corner. Today, it proudly carries the name “The Norseman Temple Bar 1696,” signifying the year when the premises first received its license.

In the 1840s, the establishment was owned by James Monks, who had a special connection to whiskey production, bonding whiskey for the renowned Jameson brand. An original label from James Monks, sent by his great-great-granddaughter, still stands as a testament to this history. The venue continues this tradition by collaborating with local distillers, including Dublin’s own Teeling Distillery.

The name “The Norseman” pays homage to not only our own history with the Wooden Man Viking figure but also the rich Viking heritage of the area, marked by the discovery of Viking ships and artifacts on Wood Quay in the 1970s.

At The Norseman, they offer a delectable selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, showcasing the finest in pub grub.  For those seeking live entertainment their stage comes alive seven days a week with a diverse array of musical performances.  The venue is a celebration of history, fine dining, and lively music in the heart of Temple Bar.

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 21/22, Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Fitzsimons - Temple Bar Dublin

Nestled in the heart of Temple Bar Dublin, Fitzsimons is a must-visit destination for those seeking a good time. With an impressive 5 floors to explore, there’s something for everyone. You can meander between multiple bars, immerse yourself in nightly live music in the main bar, relish the fresh air and panoramic views over Temple Bar from the award-winning Roof Garden Bar, and groove to your favourite hits in our weekend nightclub with DJs spinning the tunes.

When it comes to dining, Fitzsimons has you covered with an all-day menu that caters to all tastes and cravings. From breakfast to lunch, dinner, lite bites, snacks, and all-day grazing options, there’s something to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Every dish is freshly prepared using carefully sourced ingredients by our skilled team of chefs.

Prepare to be captivated by Dublin’s top musicians who grace their stage seven days a week. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, their stage is always alive with the best tunes in town. From  Irish Rock & Trad to chart-topping hits of today the venue boasts something for all.

For those planning private gatherings, Fitzsimons offers the perfect party space.  Whether you prefer the main bar, the first-floor function room, or their popular heated roof garden bar, the venue boasts suitable event spaces for all occasions.

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