5 Tips for company christmas party organisers when booking the christmas party venue

5 Tips for company Christmas party organisers

1.Be flexible on your event Date

Yes I know from 12 years being a corporate events organiser certain trends. The biggest trend in the last 3 years would be companies looking to book Friday nights only in December. Great in theory to focus on one Friday date  but with Dublin being a small city with a large corporate workforce venues book out so quickly on these key Friday dates. My advice either start real early on the search and book your Christmas party night in January 11 months out or look at a Thursday or Saturday night instead. Venue options will then go through the roof and with more  venue options means a  better chance of your work colleagues loving the Christmas party venue

2.Work out where the budget goes for the Christmas party

I know you have an overall budget but a lot of people think putting more budget into the theme of the event and the party add on’s is important. It is and it isn’t, what I mean really is first you should work out what’s the budget on food and drinks. Open bars & drink vouchers are trending again with companies looking to reward the years hard work and trust me its appreciated the most.The last few years minimum drinks  spends for privacy in venues  has crept in especially on key friday dates so again you might need a nice portion of the budget here.  Next to the food element and honestly  everyone mentions how the food was at an event so be sure to invest a nice bit of the budget here.

3-Pick the right venue

Stating the obvious you might think but you really must get this right. Totally biased here but I fully believe you should contact myself or one of the team and give us the task of finding your ideal venue as early as possible in the year. We know Dublin venues and more importantly we know what venues suit enquiries quickly plus the little matter of knowing what the venues customer service experience will be like .On top of that  we are checking venues availability 12 months of the year so we know what’s available on all  key dates across Dublin so saving you time on searching alone is worth touching base with our totally free service findavenue.ie .

4-Think everything through

Apart from picking the venue try to have a checklist worked out ticking every box. From arranging a food tasting of the food menu to assigning tasks to different members of the team. Having an event plan which goes into  fine details is vital to the company Christmas party  being a succeess

5-Positivity no matter what happens

Leading up to the event day and on the event night be positive, things can happen, things can go wrong and just accept that with all the planning in the world things happen. The good news is that more than likely it’s only you that will notice something going wrong as everyone else will be too busy enjoying the fantastic Christmas party night that you have put a massive effort into so be happy and don’t forget to enjoy the night. Life’s too short so just live the moment and party with your good friends.

Hope you enjoyed my  top tips and please don’t be shy, connect with me any time and see why large companies  such as Microsoft ,Accenture and Paddy power Betfair trust me to find their exclusive Christmas party venue. My email is sean@findavenue.ie .Thanks for reading

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