The most important things to consider when booking an event venue in Dublin

The most important things to consider when booking an event venue in Dublin.


How to ensure you don’t throw away money on a shite night.

Booking the right venue is the single most important aspect to consider when organising an event.

The venue decides the atmosphere, the appearance and that all important wow factor when people first arrive. At Findavenue we scour the city and beyond looking to find the next, newest great venue while making sure that our old friends are still knocking it out of the park in terms of service and value.

While we will always find you the perfect venue for your event we need you to let us know what’s most important to you. We asked our friends through LinkedIn to tell us what they think are the most important things to consider when booking an event venue in Dublin and they didn’t disappoint. So, in a fairly random order, here’s the advice they have to offer.


A bit of a no brainer here but cost is often the main factor people use when considering or ruling out venues, and of course the price tag of renting out the venue must fit within your event budget. Sometimes spending a little less on the venue allows you to spend a bit more on adding the wow factor.


Sometimes it’s as simple as enough room to swing a cat (We at Findavenue refuse to organise cat swinging parties) while at other times it could include things like space/room capacity (including lobby and exhibitor space if you are planning a meeting or convention); load in/out amenities; and technical capabilities (like lighting, electrical, A/V, etc.).


This factor almost goes without saying, but it’s a good rule of thumb to have several day/time options in mind (or at least be somewhat flexible with day/time of the event) before you start reviewing venues so you don’t immediately limit the number of venues you can consider. Sometimes a simple time or date change can open up a wealth of new options for you.


Know exactly what you want from an event and communicate it to us. Give it some real thought and decide how you want the event to look and feel. This is vital. If we have a clear idea of your vision then it’s practically a guarantee of success.


An often overlooked but very important factor, this includes not only a venue’s security personnel but also things like security doors and limiting venue access to only guests/attendees (because who really needs event crashers).

Other groups using the venue at the same time as your event:

This is really important. If you are planning a sit-down conference with speakers, you probably don’t want a loud wedding reception next door disrupting your event. So make sure any simultaneous events at the venue (or even nearby) won’t conflict with or interrupt yours.

Customer service:

Not only does the venue need to be responsive to your needs prior to the event, but it also needs to have adequate support staff on site during the event to respond to the needs and requests of you, your staff and your attendees.

Travel convenience:

The venue needs to be conveniently located for your attendees and within a reasonable distance so as not to require excessive travel; otherwise, your attendance may suffer.

Parking and proximity to transportation options:

On-site or nearby parking options for your guests are important (and the cost of parking for your guests can be a deciding factor here). In addition, proximity to airports and public transport is also important if you have many guests who aren’t driving their own car to the event.

Accessible for persons with disabilities:

This would include ramps, elevators and other amenities for those guests with physical disabilities as well as older guests who aren’t as mobile.

Nearby amenities and entertainment options:

Attendees often need or want to partake in fun activities outside of the main event, so finding a venue that has entertainment and recreation options in house or nearby can be critical to your attendance numbers.


Ask other event planners and vendors regarding their experiences with the venues you are considering. In addition, look at online reviews in forums and on sites like Yelp, Wedding Wire and TripAdvisor to round out your assessment of a venue’s reputation and track record.

Vendor restrictions:

Some venues have a list of exclusive vendors that they will allow to perform work in their venue, so make sure that if you are using outside vendors that you can bring them into the venue and that the venue will amicably work alongside them

I know that that’s a long list of things to consider before booking an event venue in Dublin and it can be quite daunting but here’s the good news. We’ll do all this for you. Meet with us, share your vision of how you want your event to be and we’ll explore every option with you until we’re sure that you’ve found the perfect venue for the best price possible.

But once again, no cat swinging parties. Never again.

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