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- Leona Gaughan www.123.ie

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We are Dublin and Ireland’s Best Venue Finding Service specialising in finding large corporate events venues. We take the stress for Company Event organiser’s and party organiser’s out of finding ideal party venues and corporate events venues every day. We have over 10 years in the Events industry and in that time we have established excellent relationships with Venues in Dublin and Ireland.

On the strength of these relationships we are given the best customer service and best pricing possible and this is a huge advantage as a findavenue client. Our team is highly experienced in organising every type of party,conference or event and specialise in larger corporate events.

Over the years we have learned from our customers which venues suit every type of event scenario and this knowledge will save you as our customer so much time and energy and cost you absolutely nothing at all.

Taking all of this into account we are the only option to contact when looking for the perfect venue for your upcoming party or corporate event. We are also the first service that new venues contact to showcase themselves. This gives YOU first access to new venues to go in Dublin.

Benefits for you using our Free Service

  • Free service -absolutely no cost to you, We find your ideal party venue or event venue for free with no hidden costs at all.
  • Knowledge– We have in-depth knowledge of each venue and its best purpose, gathered through constant feedback from clients.
  • Better Customer experience– Top class customer service all the way to your event night and extremely quick to get the most suitable venue options to you
  • Dublin and Ireland’s Top venues– We have the best party venues and corporate events venues on our books and this grows every week- You will have access to thousands of venues
  • On your actual event night – The best customer service , all Find A Venue bookings benefit when booking in under the findavenue brand, this is due to our long standing excellent relationships with the venues management.
  • Best prices -Best pricing for when you book through us and substantial savings on food pricing and drink promotions, we also get discounted venue hire pricing and the best hotel function room rates.
  • Fantastic Dublin Venues– We are always adding new quality places to go and now great venues around Ireland with over 500 venues to choose from
  • Free Party Planner- we will have everything organised directly with the venue before the event.

We actively seek out and want to connect with Company party organiser’s, corporate events organiser or organiser of a birthday or a private party t

Findavenue is the only proven option for you to use and we will save you time searching for the right option and we will fit the venue to your needs and also save you money or your company money with our excellent knowledge, free party planning service and deals that venues offer us due to being a regular booker. For your next party or event why not contact our team and let us find your ideal venue.

Apart from being a free service our unique selling point is not actually this, it is our in depth knowledge of each venue. Our staff also have regular visits to venues to analyse how venues perform on event nights and this helps us to maintain a high level of service. So contact us now


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