Swag Hut

Meaningful merchandise for every department

We have an amazing partnership with SwagHut which offers high-quality swag, perfect for those looking to take their gifting to the next level. Help your teams harness the power of gifting with our free-to-use platform. No matter if you’re trying to grow revenue, engage employees or elevate your brand - we’ve got you covered.


Show customers appreciation with branded merch

Strengthen customer relationships with thoughtful, high-quality swag that shows your gratitude, boosts satisfaction, and builds lasting connections.

Customer Success that makes an impact with effortless swag management

Redeem Emails

Not sure of the recipient's address or uncertain that the information you have might be outdated? Send Redeem Emails that allow the receiver to update their details securely.

Claim Links

Organising a virtual event or sending an automated welcome message to new employees? Create a claim link allowing recipients to choose their swag.

International Fulfilment

Do you have a team of international remote workers? Easily send out your swag packs or gifts to anyone, anywhere in the world with just a couple of clicks.


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