Christmas party Season 2017

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Confessions of  a venue finder : Finding a venue on key Friday Dates for christmas party nights in Dublin:

Christmas party venues Dublin

Being a venue finder is a brilliant job and I absolutely love it , I have been involved in organising many company christmas party events  in Dublin for almost 15 years now. So many times, I have been asked what’s the biggest headache or biggest problem you run into when tasked with finding a venue for a company christmas party. The main thing that sticks out in my mind would be trying to find the ideal venue for a client on a key friday party venue

In all my years looking for  party venues for clients or finding the right christmas party venues to suit , getting the perfect venue for the company christmas party is simply not easy. Any other time of year and it takes me literally 30 minutes to find the perfect venue for people enquiring through our website FIND A Venue, truth is i literally know 30 seconds into talking to a company party organiser what venues will suit the best. The reason it takes 30 minutes is purely down to having to check and see if a venue has the date availability.

Company Christmas party Ideas

The usual criteria given to me by the in-house company party organiser for large bookings  is nearly always a private venue all night for their company christmas party, swiftly followed by one of the key friday dates as the preferred party date. So this is where this kid has to get his thinking cap on really fast, as what i refuse to tell a client is that all venues are booked up at this stage.gala dinner venue

It may be  close to the truth and I am certain they are aware themselves as for sure they have being looking around themselves but i have an advantage and thank god for that. Every week i check venues availability and  I am always on the look out to find new venues to  remain current so in doing that I always have a few venues to match the criteria given and more importantly the venues have a key friday remaining. I make it my mission to have venues lined up for the coming week’s christmas party enquiries.


Minimum spends for Company christmas Party Nights

Even at that, there can be issues though. For example a christmas party booking that a venue will accept gladly throughout the year can be a non runner on a key friday night at christmas time. Why ? well simply put venues  in Dublin now request a guaranteed minimum spend for company christmas parties looking to have exclusivity. I have noticed this creeping back in over the last 2 christmas seasons but in particular this coming christmas party season has being a regular occurrence. So being the middleman I often have to go back to a client and explain that the budget they have which in my opinion is excellent is not good enough for the most popular venues. Some company christmas party organisers are genuinely shocked and to be honest I cannot blame them. There is good news though to this story and it is that not every venue is hung up on minimum spends and believe it or not there is also some room for negotiation especially when you book through our free service.

Find A Venue saved the day finding our christmas party venue

So said all our clients over the last number of years, slightly biased of course with that statement but seriously you are better off picking up the phone and calling our free venue finding service  or making an enquiry here now to FIND A Venue  and let me take the stress away from you searching for your christmas party venue. I don’t care if you have a huge minimum spend or if you have absolutely no budget at all. I will find you the perfect company christmas party venue. By the way if you do know any christmas party organisers then please share this article with them.

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