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Finding the most suitable conference venues in Dublin for your event can be a minefield. Not only is researching locations incredibly time-consuming, but choosing wrong can have you spend absurd amounts of money on something that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

To save you from a bitter venue-shopping experience, we’ve conducted extensive research on the best event spaces in Dublin for conferences and included only the cream of the crop in this comprehensive blog article.

Whether you seek an intimate ambiance for a team-building session, or a spacious setting with amenities for large-scale occurrences, our handpicked selection will guarantee a memorable outing for you and your guests.

All the venues listed below are equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi for the comfort of attendees and the organizing team alike. Keep reading to elevate your next event to unprecedented levels of success.

.1. The Morrison  – Printworks Event Space

Ormond Quay Lower, North City, Dublin, D01 K5X5

The Printworks Room in the Morrison Hotel, one of the most renowned venues in Dublin, Ireland, is an ample room with mostly white decoration, with only the 6 chairs at the furthest back donning a red velvet back. Chairs are arranged in a U-shaped setting facing a large, white projector hanging from the ceiling.

The Printworks Space at the Morrison Hotel is a captivating room deemed by many as one of the finest conference venues in Dublin. This space exudes a distinctive charm with its whitewashed walls and stunning Junker oak wood floors, setting the stage for the most discerning of events.

Whether you require a 250 people, theatre-style setup, or enough space to fit 350 people for a reception, this Printworks room is highly versatile and adaptable to your needs. Its fully-customisable lighting, branding, and themed decorations ensure that each gathering feels truly unique.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Natural daylight
  • Blackout facilities
  • Notepads and pens
  • LCD projector and screen
  • Flipchart
  • Data port
  • Telephone
  • Inbuilt PA system
  • Creston system that controls AV and blinds
  • Roving Mics
  • Podium and Mic
  • VGA/HDMI and Thunderbolt connections

The room can accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 260
  • Classroom – 130
  • Dinner – 160
  • Cabaret – 112
  • Reception – 350

2. The Alex Hotel – Orient Room

41-47 Fenian Street, Dublin 2

With a green and white checkered carpet, the Orient Room is a proven choice among event spaces in Dublin. Brown divides lead to a large screen suspended from the roof, right in front of rows of red and gold chairs with a theatre-style arrangement.

The Alex Hotel stands out as another popular choice among event planners when choosing between conference venues in Dublin since it offers a variety of upscale spaces. 

Among them, the Orient room is the largest and most versatile meeting space, accommodating exhibitions, gala dinners, and large conferences with ease. The room’s adaptable nature allows it to be broken down into four smaller spaces, ideal for hosting intimate gatherings or workshops. 

The Alex Hotel has recently become the first hotel group in Ireland to be accredited with the highly coveted Green Key Award, the world’s leading sustainability accolade for hotels, increasing their brand’s prestige and global recognition.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Breakout Spaces
  • Natural Light
  • Blackout facilities
  • Whiteboards/flipcharts
  • Telephone
  • Latest in AV Technology

The room can accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 400
  • Classroom – 200
  • Dinner – 380
  • Cabaret – 200
  • Reception – 400

3. The College Green Hotel – Banking Hall

College Green, Westmoreland St, Dublin, D02 HR67

Pictured is the the Banking Hall at the Westin Hotel, made up of Georgian pillars and doorways supporting an ornate plasterwork ceiling adorned with four Waterford Crystal chandeliers, each embellished with 8000 crystals. Relics like a clock placed up high and the insignia of the old banking firm enhance the decor. The center of the room is filled with gold chairs and large crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Overall, one of the most prestigious venues in Dublin, Ireland.

Five star service, cutting edge amenities, and flavourful catering make The College Green Hotel a leading choice among the top conference venues in Dublin.

The Banking Hall is one of the city’s most sought after Gala Dinners and the hotels’ most prestigious event space. Originally crafted in the 1860s, this distinguished lounge has undergone a meticulous restoration. Today, it strikes a perfect balance between historic architectural magnificence and contemporary amenities.

Your guests, attendees and delegates will be captivated as they step into a world where the past converges with the present in remarkable equilibrium. Its enchanting stained glass roof and exquisite crystal chandeliers make The Banking Hall an awe-inspiring setting and arguably the city’s foremost venue.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Whiteboards/flipcharts
  • PA System
  • Telephone
  • Latest in AV Technology

The room can accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 250
  • Classroom – 140
  • Dinner – 180
  • Cabaret – 105
  • Reception – 300

4. The Mansion House – Round Room

Dawson St, Dublin 2, D02 VK75

A room with state-of-the-art lighting suspended from a ceiling akin to a starlit sky. Long gold drapes cascade from the lighting to the walls. Elegantly dressed round tables and chairs grace the centre to make this one of the most desirable event spaces in Dublin.

With its Iconic Round Room often recognised as one of the finest in the city for holding all kinds of events, the Mansion House stands out among conference venues in Dublin for its contemporary excellence.

Since 1919, it has played host to an array of distinguished guests, including luminaries like Pope John Paul II and Queen Victoria, enthralling visitors with its timeless charm. The seamless integration of historic allure with cutting-edge technology ensures a one-of-a-kind experience reserved for the most exclusive conference events.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the Round Room guarantees effortless navigation throughout your gathering. Overall, the Round Room is a space where the tradition of its 19th-century setting intersects with innovation harmoniously, promising to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Visual – Customized curved 20x11ft screen with projection
  • Podium & Microphone
  • Stage
  • Telephone
  • Rigging Points
  • Surround Sound PA for 360’ Audio Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Lighting

The room can accommodate the following layouts:

  • Exhibitions – 250
  • Fashion Show – 250
  • Award Ceremony – 500
  • Cabaret – 270
  • Reception – 550

5. Crown Plaza Northwood – Redwood Suite

Northwood Park, Santry Demesne, Dublin, D09 KN66

A room arranged with three rows of theater-style green chairs. A light blue carpet complements the elegant grey walls and roof adorned with numerous spotlights. A large projection screen hangs from the ceiling, right above a spacious wooden stage. Wooden doors to the side mark the room's access points to one of the comfier venues in Dublin, Ireland.

Sophistication and convenience come together at the Crowne Plaza, one of the premier conference venues in Dublin. Nestled in scenic Northwood Park near the M50 motorway, it offers a serene setting amidst 85 acres of lush parkland just 2km from Dublin Airport and 5km from Dublin City Centre for unmatched accessibility.

The venue offers a host of great meeting rooms, with their Redwood Suite taking centre stage as the pinnacle of versatility. This room boasts a sprawling 600m2 area and an additional 180m2 in the bar-foyer space. Its innovative sky-fold partition walls can transform the room into three separate spaces, while the London Partition wall opens up to the bar to create the perfect ambiance for banquets and dinners.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Sky fold partition walls
  • Drop down projector screen
  • American & European plug sockets
  • IP telephony based services, satellite links
  • Interactive Projected Advertising
  • AV technician on site
  • Natural daylight
  • Stage & podium

The room can accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 750
  • Classroom – 400
  • Banquet – 650
  • Cabaret – 330

6. Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge – Thomas Prior Hall

Ballsbridge Dublin 4

A room with wooden period decoration featuring high ceilings and natural light. A large projector screen hangs from the top, surrounded by cream-colored walls. In the center, light brown theater-style chairs are seen arranged by a female staff member, proof that the Thomas Prior Hall ranks among the best event spaces in Dublin.

The award-winning Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge is widely recognised as another top choice amidst all the prestigious conference venues Dublin has to offer. It encompasses seven executive-style meeting rooms, including the iconic Thomas Prior Hall, a stunning and highly popular event space.

The Thomas Prior Hall is steeped in history for its unique, 19th-century dining hall set surrounded by picturesque, manicured lawn. With captivating wooden-vaulted ceilings and sparkling chandeliers, it stands out as one of the preferred event sites for clients seeking to evoke elegance and sophistication.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Podium & microphone
  • Stage
  • Built-in A/V system
  • 6 break out spaces
  • Av technical support
  • Ample underground parking

The room can accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 220
  • Classroom – 130
  • Banquet – 160
  • Cabaret – 120
  • Reception – 300

7. The Helix – Mahony Hall

Collins Ave, Whitehall, Dublin 9

A room with wooden period decoration featuring high ceilings and natural light. A large projector screen hangs from the top, surrounded by cream-colored walls. In the center, light brown theater-style chairs are seen arranged by a female staff member, proof that the Thomas Prior Hall ranks among the best event spaces in Dublin.

The Helix is a renowned venue for corporate events in Dublin University. It proudly holds the prestigious title of Ireland’s Best Purpose Built Event Venue, partly owed to being a 10-minute drive from both the city centre and the Dublin Airport. It has garnered acclaim for hosting events ranging from global conferences and international performing arts showcases, to Irish business meetings, gala dinners, and film shoots.

An architectural masterpiece designed by A&D Wejchert, The Helix has a variety of spaces including the impressive Foyers, The Theatre, Mahony Hall, The Space, The Gallery, and several smaller conference rooms to provide one of the more breath-taking conference venues in Dublin for events of all types and sizes.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • In house PA system and lighting rig
  • Excellent acoustics
  • Retractable seating
  • Excellent sightlines
  • Front and rear projection
  • Stage extensions/ ramps are provided

It can also accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 1070
  • Classroom – 380
  • Banquet – 480
  • Cabaret – 256
  • Open Space – 1000

8. The Marker Hotel – Marker Suite

Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2, D02 CK38

A conference room with large windows on the left side that fill it with natural light. Its theatre-style seating consists of cushioned chairs facing a prominent LCD TV. A great choice among event spaces in Dublin.

The Marker Hotel stands out as yet another exceptional choice to host your gatherings in. A modern architectural masterpiece that takes inspiration from the natural elements, the Market Suite offers stunning views of Grand Canal Square as a way to get the crowd excited for a memorable occurrence.

Renowned for its outstanding conference facilities, this ample grand ballroom spans 354m2 made up of a column-free design and a striking floating ceiling. With its contemporary, stylish ambiance, and endless possibilities for customization, it’s a sure fire way to imbue your event with elegance and sophistication.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Built in audio-visual equipment
  • Stage
  • Podium & microphone
  • Natural Lightening

It can also accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 300
  • Classroom – 180
  • Banquet – 240
  • Cocktail – 350

9. The Gibson Hotel – Stratocaster Suite

Point Square, Dublin 1

A spacious room for grand events featuring numerous rows of purple chairs arranged in theatre style, facing two expansive projector screens. Behind the screens are several large windows from which natural light pours, adorned with light brown curtains. Gold lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling to make this one of the most luxurious venues in Dublin, Ireland.

The Gibson Hotel at the vibrant IFSC and near Dublin Port is a chic establishment spanning two floors, and one of the most recently acclaimed conference venues in Dublin.

Its conference area boasts nine state-of-the-art meeting rooms equipped with the essential technology expected from a conference facility. As such, it has become a prime destination for business ceremonies. 

The Stratocaster Suite, the largest of these rooms, capable of accommodating up to 300 delegates, ideal for product launches, annual general meetings, awards ceremonies, private dinners, and pre-show hospitality. Thanks to its unique design, this suite can be divided into three rooms to adapt to your desired set up.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Hybrid/video conferencing meeting facilities
  • Fully integrated A/V with large drop-down screens and built in lcd projector
  • Surround sound, pa system and microphones in Stratocaster Suite
  • Natural Lightening
  • Blackout curtains
  • Lectern and staging
  • Laptop to LCD
  • Dedicated in house A/V professionals
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Two 415 volt 3-phase supplies, 63 amp & 40 amp

It can also accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 300
  • Reception – 300
  • Banquet – 200
  • Cabaret – 120

10. The Spencer Hotel – Columbia 1 & 2

Excise Walk, IFSC, Dublin 1

A refined space with grey carpet, white walls, and natural light cast from the left-side windows. Set up in classroom style, a ceiling-mounted projector beams towards a large screen on the top wall's center. On the left is a breakfast bar with food and refreshments. A great choice for event spaces in Dublin.

Lying in the vibrant heart of Dublin City Centre’s IFSC and gracefully positioned along the scenic banks of the River Liffey, the Spencer Hotel stands out as an undeniably solid choice among the best conference venues in Dublin. Accessing the hotel is a breeze, with the Luas tram, train, and airport buses all conveniently located just steps away.

Featuring 8 stylish, fully-equipped meeting spaces, the premises offer an inspiring setting for creativity to flourish. The hotel’s jewel in the crown is their Columbia Suite, a prestigious room with the capacity to accommodate up to 155 meeting guests. This opulent event space is a no-brainer for events that want to leave a mark in their industry.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • LCD Projector & Screen
  • Flipchart
  • Filtered Still & Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Note Pads & Pens

It can also accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 145
  • Reception – 150
  • Banquet – 120
  • Cabaret – 78

11.  The Temple Bar Hotel – Toast

Fleet St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

An ample room with a rectangular window ceiling in the center that lets natural daylight in. Its white walls are adorned with mirrors on either side. A theatre-style seating arrangement faces a rectangular table positioned at the top of the room, wrapping up one of the finer venues in Dublin, Ireland.

The Toast is a trendy saloon that lies within the Temple Bar Hotel. It’s a popular choice for those in need of something fresh that’s also favourably located in the heart of the city centre.

The Temple Bar Hotel has convenient access to all transportation links to ensure the timely arrival of your attendees. Beyond its prime location, the Toast boasts all the modern amenities that are essential for a flawless event (see the list below).

For those looking to spice up their event with a social element, Toast’s breakout spaces in Buskers on the ball are a perfect match, featuring pool and ping pong tables, shuffleboards, and video games. It’s a popular and highly recommended choice for those seeking fun conference venues in Dublin with fewer formalities and a relaxed atmosphere.

This room offers the following facilities:

  • Projector & Screen
  • Flipchart
  • Natural Light
  • PA / Speakers

It can also accommodate the following layouts:

  • Theatre – 100
  • Classroom – 60
  • Dinner – 100
  • Reception – 100
  • U Shape – 40

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