How to find the right venue for your party?

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How to Organise the Best Parties in Dublin:

Parties, parties parties, everyone loves a party and the older we get the more we are glad to celebrate a great night out or a friends special occasion. When it comes around the question always is where will I find the best Dublin venue for my party. People who contact us usually find us online after spending a while searching and contacting venues themselves. The usual problems such as slow response times from venues occur alot and you may have experienced this yourself and run out of patience with a venue not getting back to you.  The good news is that we exist so  contacting  our free venue finding service makes much more sense as we can have the ideal venue booked within hours. We have so many similar enquiry requests and of course feedback from clients after events that we know the best venues to suit specific requests really quickly. We also know how to contact the right people at the right time to make that all important party reservation quickly.

What is the criteria that is important when considering how to find a venue for a party?

First thing to take into consideration; do you want a  private function room or a semi private venue just with your own friends or are you ok with a cool space reserved within a larger venue. Areas reserved are easy and it usually depends on people’s interests in music or type of bar that they like when they make a decision here. Often people ask for venues with a good pint of Guinness in a traditional pub venue like O’Donoghue’s and sometimes they ask for a venue with an amazing cocktail list that is considered fancy and has the likes of an outdoor covered garden space, venue examples here include House on Leeson street or the newly re-opened Opium on Wexford street.

If it’s a private venue space in Dublin that you wish for then  there may be hire fees to take into consideration. Often people ask for a unique private party space in the city centre such as Fires penthouse on Dawson street but when I mention minimum spends of 7k on a Saturday evening or room hire fees of €1000+, suddenly reality hits and we are back to booking a nice function room that Dublin has to offer. Function rooms can have a much smaller venue hire from say €100- €600 hire fee or there can be function rooms for free in Dublin. We of course have all scenarios covered as you would expect from a venue finding company.

Second thing to take into consideration when looking to find a venue for a party is location. Most inquiries we have had in the last year are for venues in Dublin City Centre close to good transport lines as its extremely handy for people to travel to and from with bus services, Luas, Dart and taxis. You must consider what is a convenient location for those that are going to be coming. How will they get to the venue and how do they get home.


Third thing is the type of venue. What i mean here is do you want a bar with just some finger food, maybe a hotel venue with a nice buffet food option or are you going all out and willing to pay a high venue hire and book


yourself in for an unforgettable night in one of Dublin’s top penthouse venues or unique spaces. So I suppose the main thing to consider is your budget and this is very important when it comes to the above. Take for example a few recent parties for 50 people that we have organised. Scenario one picked the Radisson sky suite penthouse venue off Georges street in Dublin 2.  They spent €600 on the room hire fee, €25 per person for 50 people for an amazing buffet food selection, €400 for a 4 hour dj set and a late license fee for €650 to keep the party going until 2.30am (normal pub hours are 12.30am). All in that came to €2900 but booking through our free venue finding service they availed of our special discount rate due to the volume of bookings we place in venues and paid €2500.

Scenario 2 picked O’Donoghues private upstairs bar on Suffolk street, availed of our free venue hire deal and free platters deal for placed bookings that are above 30 people.The venue already has a late license so again no cost there for our clients and wait for the best part, the venue only went off and got themselves a jukebox! Our client partied the night away listening to all of the best 80’s tunes with the occasional trip up to the rooftop smoking area. Grand total they spent was whatever coins they put in the dukebox.

Its as easy as that to keep costs down or go all out when you contact We work to every criteria and budget so give the best Dublin free venue finding and party planning service a go and see for yourself. My number is 01 5253560 or email me  Till next time !!



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