How to find a venue for your gala dinner

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Fresh and Unique Venues for Your Next Gala Dinner:

Finding venues is what myself and my team do every day and we of course get every type of enquiry request you could think of. The most popular request is how to find a venue for your gala dinner. Over the years people look to book venues for gala dinners in all types of venue types from hotels,to private function spaces and stadiums like the Iconic Croke Park & the Aviva stadium.

The current trend we have noticed over the last year is people going for the most unique venue option possible. Every venue type is now being looked at and nothing ruled out, even venues that do not have a kitchen or any on site facilities. Nothing seems to put people off these days and who can blame them when you have some of the finest catering companies delivering fantastic service when called upon to look after the fine dining for gala dinner events. We ourselves have recommended fantastic caterers like The right catering company, With Taste and Gourmet Food Parlour when clients have asked us who to choose. Clients attending events run by these caterers would have no idea that the venue they are in has no actual kitchen such is the quality of service.

What to look for in a Dublin venue when you are planning a gala dinner?

That is easy; just contact our team now :).Joking aside but it is actually true, there are so many venue options available but with our venue finding service being free for you to use then it really is a no brainer to pick up the phone or drop me an email and let us blow you away with some fantastic choices. We have our finger on the pulse all the time and we would know whats trending, what new venues have opened and have something to match every criteria. To give you a flavour of venues I am referring to check out the below selection.

The Odeon Cinema beside the Three arena is really coming into it’s own in terms of hosting large company gala dinner events and stand up parties for up to 2000 people for some of the world’s top tech firms. But did you know they have a new warehouse space recently acquired at the back of the actual cinema. The space is industrial and very bare but with 9000 square foot to play with it is a serious addition to the Dublin events space. A 24 hour hire fee starts at €8000 and you would have to organise catering and the event production on top but there is no space available in dublin right now quite like it. It was set out as a shopping centre unit but the guys at the Odeon Cinema have decided to take over the space and sell it for events. Another amazing space in the IFSC in dublin is the CHQ building. Again a hire fee applies and the space is completely bare and everything needs to be brought in but what an iconic building and world class venue the CHQ building would be to host your gala dinner event.

Top of the range corporate event space and venues:

If you are looking for a venue with world class facilities Dublin has to offer then we of course have to mention the convention center or the CCD Dublin as it’s often referred to. They really have very little competition apart from the Historic venue that is the RDS Dublin and the Royal Hospital Kilmainham when it comes to companies looking to host large corporate gala dinners with world class facilities including catering and all of the actual facilities on site. Of course with there being little competition it’s absolutely not cheap and yes they price accordingly. RHK is closing next year for renovations so even more reason for companies to look around for more options. The likes of the mansion house would be regarded with similar standards but the capacity for a gala dinner event would be a maximum of 550 people hence why companies are looking at all spaces Dublin has to offer. Ok we hope you found our post useful about what to look for in a Dublin venue when you are planning a gala dinner but to emphasise we have so many more unique venue options available and we are just a phone call or email away.

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