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The Office Christmas party-not just a piss up .


It’s a real chance for staff to get to know each other and Bond

Its true the Office Christmas party is so important, if you want a team that has each other’s backs it’s important to create situations where they can get to know each-other and bond. You also have to bare in mind what their expectations from you are? If standard in your industry is for the team to be wined and dined during the festive season you need to meet that expectation or risk having some unhappy staff members. How do you do this? happy to give a helping hand, have a read of our top 5 tips

Number 1

First thing to do is to involve all staff in the venue picking process for the office Christmas party. Yes, you will have to gather the different venue options to choose from but honestly putting it to a vote is something that will get people more involved and excited about the main event for the company in the year.

Number 2

Number 2 be different. Why just put forward options that are all hotel venues with gala dinner set ups, research and recent trends have shown that booking a unique reception style venue is something much more favourable that people are happy with. The other good thing about going for a reception style venue is that there are so many potential venue options to choose from. Gala sit down options are scarce in Dublin when you compare to a city like London and with the volume of companies with large staff numbers growing it makes much more sense to think outside the box for the office Christmas party venue

Number 3

Number 3 get professional help with this important company occasion. Remember you are an expert at your job, so it makes sense to use an expert from the industry to guide you. Knowledge is power as they say so having a professional at hand to pass on key information on venues good and bad points as well as the venues customer service levels is something vital to the success of having a top class office Christmas party,

Number 4

Four, pick a venue that people are going to talk about into the new year. The only way to achieve this is to make sure the short list provided to staff is top notch. The first thing you must do is look into the venue options for the office Christmas party one year before so you get the best of the best. Key Christmas dates are snapped up usually in January by companies these days so acting early is key.


Last point and this is the most important thing use our free venue finding service, we can guide and fill you in on all the key points you would like to know and don’t forget we will save you so much time searching page after page online and countless phone calls and meetings and so much wasted time when all you have to do is to meet our impartial venue finding expert once. Hope this article was helpful and you got something from our tips. Till next time, happy christmas party season.

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