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Confessions of  a venue finder : Organising the most exclusive, distinctive and totally unique events in Dublin:


The Wolf of Wall Street Party

Being an event’s organiser, I have been involved in many unique events in Dublin. So many times, I have been asked what’s the most unusual party or unique event you have been involved in or asked to organise.  The obvious one that always sticks out in my mind would be the wolf of wall street penthouse company Christmas party a few years back.

Unique Events in Dublin Wolf of wallstreet

Let me tell you in all my years looking for unique events venues and coming up with unusual ideas for party organisers this Christmas party takes the biscuit. To be clear from the start I was tasked with purely finding the venue, what ensued was crazy by any standards. The company in question were London based and decided to treat their hard-working staff with a well-earned trip to Dublin’s fair city and have themselves one hell of a memorable Christmas party.


Unique events Venues & Five Dwarfs

The criteria given to me by the in-house company organiser was to have one of the most unique events Dublin has ever seen in the most unique event space Dublin has to offer. The company in question were working in funds so the obvious theme had to be “Wolf of Wall street party”.

The movie was not long released so it really was a no brainer. The different venues Dublin had to offer were all checked out but as per the client request, they went for a top Dublin penthouse. Friday night as well was picked so nothing unusual there as most Christmas party organisers first ask is a Friday night in December. This is the part where things really got interesting, a request to have not one, not two but five Dwarfs hired for the event night.

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So off I went ringing entertainment companies to hire the guys for the night. Surprisingly it was relatively simple to locate five Dwarfs to be available for the one night especially at Christmas time. So, another box checked and all seemed to be fine leading up to the event night until the morning of the Christmas party when the entertainments company rang to tell me that one of the dwarfs cancelled last minute due to sickness so I was left with a very unusual dilemma.

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Honestly when I contacted the Christmas party organiser I explained that we had picked the most unique event space Dublin had to offer and presumed that 4 dwarfs on the night would be grand. Explaining the genuine situation that had happened the organiser accepted that these things happen and not to worry to my relief.

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So, all systems go in my mind until approximately 3pm that same day and hours to go to the start of the party my phone started ringing from an English number, to my surprise one of the Directors of the company was on the line and insisted that I come through and find a replacement fifth Dwarf. I tried to argue my case that as the name suggests we are Find A Venue and not the next line you are thinking but to no avail. So here I am on the busiest Friday of the year with over thirty Find a Venue Christmas events about to take place and I am stuck in an office ringing half of Dublin looking to come through for this Director.


Hugo saved the day to create the most unique event in Dublin that Chrismtas!

Unique events in Dublin are a regular thing in the last few years that I have being a part of but for me this still was one of the most memorable events I have being part of.  By six o clock that evening after a huge effort one of my good friends himself a dwarf decided to step up and save the day. To Hugo if you are reading this a genuine thank you again for coming through in the hour of need. I guess you are wondering, as do my close friends why five instead of four but as the saying goes  “ A gentleman never tells” and by all accounts from the venue staff and the company organiser the event was one for the ages and once again Find A Venue had gone above and beyond for a client.



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