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An Experts Opinion on Planning a Party in Dublin

People often ask me; “what is it you guys do, just the venue finding or do you do extra work? The website says we find venues but invariably I also do a huge amount of party planning. Finding the right venue is the first port of call always and hence we get contacted at the very start which is great. Planning a party in Dublin is not so straight forward on your own but booking with then it becomes very easy and straightforward.


What goes into party planning?

Well first of course, the obvious move of picking the right venue through :). Planning the venue way in advance is actually very important as well. Why?Just ask some of my company Christmas party clients about this point. To match the party idea, with the key date and with the right venue is not simple. Make sure to do yourself a massive favour and book well in advance. Dublin is not that big in comparison to other major cities and especially for events with large numbers of attendees there is not as much venue choices as you would think.


What about the Food?


Music at your Dublin Party Event:

Discussing music requirements is a must, as we all know music  can make or break a party and is often overlooked as people presume the venue must have music but some venues don’t supply anything on this. Not to worry though, options here include checking a few things. Does the venue provide a dj first off, is there an added cost to this? If there is not a Dj then does the venue have an ipod dock so you can bring in your own music and plug in and play. Do they actually allow dj’s or bands? Some venues do not allow dancing (yes I cannot believe it either) but this is actually the case in some listed buildings and some venues will not allow a band to perform due to sound restrictions. On the point about bands, if you are picking one, make sure to go and see them perform live so you know they are as good as you hoped. Make sure that the room they will be performing in is not too large for their sound equipment. I have had clients who had to pay extra to the band for a larger rig due to the size of the room.
Then we get into the venue room itself and is there a need to dress the room or do you have a certain theme and then of course the room will need to be dressed accordingly. We have various event and production companies we call upon for these requests. One event for 800 people springs to mind where the company were advised by our production contact to drape the entire room. Why ? Because they were having a live band play and the venue was pretty much a glass box so the sound would have been terrible, but for this great advice. Draping the room made all the difference and added to the atmosphere.


I hope you found some of the above points useful and got a few tips from the post. I am available to chat about your party or event so feel free to mail me or call me on + 3531 5253560 and don’t forget it’s a completely free service to use and our advice comes free as well and will save you time and money : ). Take care


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