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Table quizzes are boring, right? Check out a Quiz night Dublin needs

After a long day concentrating at work the last thing you want is to have to tax your overworked brain some more. Don’t you wish a quiz night Dublin offered was more fun, you don’t want to try to remember what year the Battle of the Boyne was fought in (it was 1690, look at you learning stuff) or what the longest month of the year is (btw, it’s October, 31 Days and 1 hour, Clever huh?). You certainly don’t want to try to guess who the fourth President of Ireland was (Look it up for yourself. Have you never heard of Google?).

What you want after a hard day at work is the chance to relax, unwind and have a laugh with your workmates. That is precisely what you get from a Findavenue Quiz Night. We tailor make our quizzes to suit your exact requirements. We book the perfect quiz night Dublin venue and take care of everything from the food to the fun. We organise everything so all you have to do is show up, settle in and get ready for a great night.


Quiz Night Dublin specialists

For more than a decade we have been providing a truly unique 1st and 3rd quarter event to allow companies the chance to reward their staff, for all their hard work, with an evening unlike any they are expecting.

Our quizzes are written by Steve Cummins, a professional comedian and resident host of Dublin’s Laughter Lounge, who has made it his mission to take the boring old table quiz idea and turn it on it’s head. The questions are a mix of tricky, simple, challenging and downright childish (Mostly simple and childish to be honest). With themed rounds covering everything from Fr. Ted to the Simpsons and from The Weird World of Sports to Heartthrobs, Hotties and Hunks; along with music, TV and movie sound rounds which all work to ensure an atmosphere that has to be experienced to be believed.


Dublins best quiz night

Our quizmasters are all professional comedians (most you may have seen on the telly) who keep the atmosphere buzzing and the laughs flowing. Over the past decade we’ve hosted 100’s of quizzes in all the finest Dublin quiz venues and that’s taught us what works and what doesn’t. We know that people don’t want to sit quietly while a dull man asks questions that make us all feel a bit thick. You don’t want to get roared at for cheating just because you got a match on Tinder and your phone lit up (You’d never get over the shame). What people want to do is sit with their workmates, have fun and show off. Or at the very least come up with rude, silly answers to questions they don’t know (We encourage that and you may even snag a prize if your answer is funny, or indeed dumb, enough).

They say that there are no stupid questions just stupid answers. Just to give you an idea here’s a few of the funnier/dumber answers we’ve been given over the years.


Game of Thrones Quiz Night Find A Venue

Q 1: Who were the first couple to be shown in bed together on TV?

Real Answer: Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Actual Answer: The Queen and Prince Philip (Ew, imagine)

Q 2: In which Dicken’s novel do we find the Artful Dodger?

Real Answer: Oliver Twist

Actual Answer: 50 Shades of Grey. (When I asked them why they picked that they said it was because I said Dickens)

Q 3: What is the name of the sugar naturally found in milk?

Real Answer: Lactose

Actual Answer: Coco Pops

Q 4: What, according to Groucho Marx begins with F, ends with K, and if you don’t get one, you have to use your hand?

Real Answer: A Fork (Shame on you for what you thought.)

Actual Answer: F*@K, honestly I’ve lost count of the number of times people have answered that.

Q 5: What is Donald Trumps middle name?

Real Answer: John

Actual answer: I’m a *@^$% Orange *^%$ &^$% waste of life @^%$ Trumpet. (Fill in the banks yourself).


So, we provide the venue, the questions, the host, the scorer, the food, the drink and the laughs.

We absorb all the stress by making sure that your wishes are conveyed to the staff before, during and after the event. We aim to impress and provide a totally different quiz night Dublin will love. All you have to do is bring your colleagues, have a great night out and enjoy the watercooler buzz around the office the next day.

(Okay, okay. The fourth President of Ireland was Erskine Childers. I’m too good to you.)


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