Venue Dublin-What is the Best Venue Dublin has to offer

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International agencies-what is the Best Venue Dublin has to offer ?

That’s a tough one and a question I have being asked asked especially by new International clients that contact us. Another few  words that we have heard a lot lately in our office would be unique and quirky. This month alone we have had so many requests from our corporate clients to find the most unusual Venue Dublin has to offer. Where does one look when trying to think of an unusual location to host a party in Dublin. How much time will it take you to find the best venue Dublin has to offer. The obvious move should always be to stop asking questions and start checking with a company that has immense local knowledge and does this searching all day every day and that’s exactly what Find A Venue does. Its all we do and the gas thing is we are totally free yes but new enquirers still think there is a catch. Aside from the fact its written all over our website I often have to explain how exactly we work to new clients. When i tell a corporate client  it’s a free service to use and not only that bombshell but we will also get you a better offer, well that just intrigues potential clients more. The proof is in the eating as they say so the only way to show this is all true is for them to try Find A Venue out.

So getting back to the best venue Dublin has to offer, thinking caps had to be put on and many’s a conversation was had to find the most unusual location Dublin had to offer. What we came out with was really surprising. A selection of unique venues and locations that we now work with include shopping centers that you can hire out exclusively, warehouse spaces at 9000 sq feet, an old style theater venue, a brand new Historical museum event space, Cinema foyers that can be hired out and host the most amazing corporate events Dublin has ever seen and many more unique venues in and around Dublin City.

Now of course you cannot forget the  Dublin venues that have stood the test of time and that year after year corporate clients book out for their special occasion or event. To mention all these venues would make for a long read so a flavour of what  I am speaking about would be venues such as the Guinness Storehouse, the Convention centre Dublin or the CCD Dublin as its often referred as, The Rds Dublin, The three arena, Rhk Dublin , Chq Dublin, Our Iconic sporting venues such as the Aviva stadium in Dublin 4 or Croke park stadium on the north side of Dublin and the list goes on. My point being all the above venues deserve honorable mention when answering the question what is the Best Venue Dublin has to offer.   

The truth is simple, each to there own, different strokes for different folks and the major point it all depends on what the event is for and the idea. Some venues in Dublin will suit one enquiry down to the ground whilst another venue will match up perfectly with an unusual idea. So really there is no Best venue or top venue.  There is of course amazing ideas and creative thinking. Thats where myself and my team come in. We keep our ear to the ground always and we are constantly searching and looking for a Dublin venue that will blow our clients minds and  match a number of the great  event and party ideas that we have being approached with.

International conference Organizers looking for a Dublin venue?

At present we are helping a number of American and Uk agencies source and book venues for large scale conferences in Dublin this year. In particular we have being asked to focus on the after parties. These clients  honestly cannot believe we are free and so fast to get back to the initial enquiry with the correct options. Of course the feedback we are getting from these clients is that its great to have a company like find A venue who know Dublin venues so well and can get them better pricing that previous years. 

We have actually come up with a brilliant mid week night out  for over 1000 delegates coming to experience our famous city. We have booked 4 venues in and around Dawson street for an International client and with 1000 attendees hitting this area they are going to literally take over  south Anne street lane way and have themselves a Dublin street party. Summer time as well so as we all know we are guaranteed rain so those famous umbrellas on South Anne lane way might be needed for more than just Instagram photos.

That’s enough for now , I hope you liked what you read and it strikes you enough to contact our free service for the next event you are planning . I’m  on +353 1 5253560 or mail me

I can literally handle any request no matter how large a number, or last minute, no matter how creative you are thinking or what you’re budget is. It’s what I do, finding venues and negotiating deals. Till next week!


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