Conference Management: Using Advanced Technology

Conference Management Embracing New Technology

In today’s fast-paced world, the success of a conference often hinges on the efficient use of technology. From initial planning to post-event analysis, technology can significantly streamline the entire process, ensuring a smooth and memorable experience for both organisers and attendees. Here’s how you can leverage technology to enhance conference management:

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1. Streamlined Registration Systems

Online Registration Platforms

When it comes to technology & conference management, gone are the days of manual sign-ups and paper forms. Online registration platforms like Eventbrite, Cvent, and Reg Fox offer robust solutions for managing attendee registration. These platforms allow you to create customised registration forms, track ticket sales and handle payments seamlessly. These registration platforms also provide a professional look and feel, enhancing your brand’s image.

With online platforms you can set up early bird discounts, group rates and promo codes to incentivise registrations.    The platforms can also offer insights into registration trends, helping you make data-driven decisions about marketing and logistics.  Want to learn more about the best event registration tools check out this article.

Automated Confirmation and Reminders

Automated emails can confirm registrations and send reminders as the event date approaches, streamlining conference management.  This method ensures attendees have all the necessary information and reduces the likelihood of no-shows.  You can schedule these communications to provide timely updates, including last-minute changes, venue maps and session highlights.

Personalised emails can also enhance attendee experience by addressing them by name and tailoring the content to their interests based on the information they provided during registration.


2. Efficient Communication Tools

Email Marketing Software

In ones bid enhancing conference management tools like Mailchimp and HubSpot enable you to send targeted email campaigns to your attendee list,  You can segment your audience based on various criteria such as registration date, ticket type and session preferences. Tailoring your messages ensures higher open rates and engagement.

These platforms also offer analytics to track the success of your campaigns, such as open rates, click-through rates and conversions.  This data can help you refine your messaging and strategy for future events.

Conference Management Email Marketing

Messaging Apps For Conference Management

Platforms like Slack or WhatsApp can be used for real-time communication among your organising team, facilitating quick decision-making and problem-solving.  Setting up dedicated channels for different teams or tasks (e.g., logistics, marketing, speakers) can streamline communication and keep everyone on the same page.

For attendees, you can create chat groups or channels to foster networking and discussions before, during and after the event.  This real-time interaction can enhance the overall experience and build a sense of community.


3. Conference Management – Event Apps

All-in-One Event Apps

Event-specific apps such as Cvent and Crowdcomms provide a comprehensive solution for enhancing conference management and the attendee experience. These apps offer features like personalised agendas, speaker bios, interactive maps and real-time updates.  Attendees can customise their schedules, receive push notifications about important updates and access all event information in one place.

Networking Features

Event apps often include networking capabilities, allowing attendees to connect with each other before, during, and after the event. Features like chat rooms, attendee profiles, and matchmaking based on interests can foster meaningful connections.  Some apps also offer virtual business card exchanges and appointment scheduling making networking more efficient and effective.

Interactive Features

Incorporate interactive features such as live polls, Q&A sessions and feedback forms within the app. This engagement can enhance attendee participation and provide valuable insights for the organisers. For example, live polling can gauge audience opinions in real-time, making sessions more dynamic and interactive.


4. Virtual and Hybrid Event Solutions

Live Streaming Platforms

For virtual and hybrid conferences platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer robust live streaming capabilities, enhancing conference management.  These tools enable you to reach a broader audience and provide flexibility for those who cannot attend in person.  These platforms support various format which include webinars, panel discussions and interactive workshops.

Conference Management - Hybrid Event Solutions

Interactive Features

Incorporate interactive features such as Q&A sessions, live polls and breakout rooms to engage virtual attendees and replicate the in-person experience.  These features can make virtual attendees feel more connected and involved.  Breakout rooms can facilitate small group discussions and networking, while live Q&A sessions allow for direct interaction with speakers.

On-Demand Content

Offering on-demand access to session recordings can extend the life of your event and provide value to attendees who missed live sessions.  This access also allows you to repurpose content for marketing and training purposes.


5. Data Analytics and Reporting

Real-Time Analytics

Tools like Google Analytics along with built-in analytics from registration and event apps, provide real-time data on attendee behaviour, session popularity and engagement levels.  This information is invaluable for making on-the-fly adjustments and improving future events.

Post-Event Surveys

When it comes to conference management, utilising platforms like SurveyMonkey or Eventleaf to gather feedback from attendees is an essential aspect.  Post-event surveys can provide insights into what worked well and what areas need improvement, guiding your strategy for future conferences.

It is prudent to ask about various aspects of the conference such as session content, speaker performance, venue and overall experience to get a comprehensive understanding of attendee satisfaction.

Want to know more about the questions to ask for the best event insights, check out this article.

Data-Driven Decisions

Analyse data from various sources to make informed decisions about your event. This includes registration trends, session attendance, engagement metrics and feedback scores.

By understanding these patterns, you can optimise your event strategy, improve attendee experience and demonstrate ROI to stakeholders.

Conference Management - Data Analytics and Reporting


6. Enhancing Attendee Engagement


Incorporate gamification elements into your conference management strategy, such as leader boards, scavenger hunts and quizzes within your event app. This approach can significantly boost attendee participation and engagement, making the conference more enjoyable and encouraging attendees to explore various sessions and network with others. To further incentivise participation consider rewarding points, badges or prizes.

Conference Management – Social Media Integration

Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media using event-specific hashtags. Platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer can help you manage and amplify these interactions, creating a buzz around your event.  Live-tweeting sessions, sharing behind-the-scenes content and running social media contests can enhance visibility and engagement.

Interactive Sessions

Use technology to make sessions more interactive. Tools like Slido and Mentimeter enable live polls, Q&A and audience feedback during presentations.  These tools not only keep attendees engaged, but also provides speakers with real-time insights into audience preferences and opinions.


7. Seamless Check-In Processes

QR Code Check-In

Incorporate QR code check-ins into your conference management process to streamline registration. Attendees can effortlessly scan their unique code at the entrance, minimising wait times and ensuring a seamless entry experience.

This technology seamlessly integrates with your registration platform, updating attendance records in real-time for enhanced efficiency.

Conference Management - Check in Process

Conference Management – Onsite Kiosks

Self-service kiosks equipped with tablets or touchscreens can handle onsite registrations, badge printing and provide event information further enhancing efficiency.

These kiosks can also be used for session check-ins, ensuring accurate attendance tracking and providing attendees with updated schedules.

RFID and NFC Technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies can streamline check-in and enhance security. Attendees can use RFID-enabled badges or wristbands to check in quickly, access restricted areas and make cashless payments for meals or merchandise.  For more information on NFC technology check out this article.


8. Enhanced Security Measures

Secure Payment Systems

In conference management, ensure your registration platform provides secure payment options to safeguard attendee data and foster trust.  Utilise encrypted payment gateways and adhere to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards to protect financial transactions and reassure attendees about the safety of their information.

Data Protection

Comply with data protection regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to safeguard personal information. Use encrypted storage solutions and secure communication channels to maintain the integrity of attendee data. Implement privacy policies and obtain explicit consent for data collection and use.

Conference Management - Data Protection

Cybersecurity Measures

Implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect your event from potential threats. This includes using firewalls, antivirus software and secure Wi-Fi networks.   Train your team on cybersecurity best practices and conduct regular audits to identify and address vulnerabilities.


9. Environmental Sustainability

Digital Documents

In conference management, minimise paper waste by offering digital documents like agendas, brochures and session handouts. Encourage attendees to utilise the event app for accessing all essential information.  This approach not only conserves resources but also simplifies the management of updates.

Sustainable Venues

Choose venues that prioritise sustainability and have green certifications. Look for venues that use renewable energy, have efficient waste management systems, and support local, sustainable catering options.

Virtual Attendance Options

Offering virtual attendance options can reduce the carbon footprint associated with travel and accommodation.  Hybrid events allow you to reach a wider audience while minimising environmental impact.

For more information on the importance of sustainability in conferences and events check out this recent blog.


10. Conference management – Post Event Engagement

Follow-Up Emails

A vital part of conference management involves sending follow-up emails to express gratitude to attendees for their participation.  Include links to session recordings, presentation slides and additional resources to enrich their experience.

One is advised to seize this chance to gather feedback via surveys and encourage ongoing engagement by inviting attendees to connect through social media or your website.

Conference Management - Post Event Engagement

Community Building

Create online communities such as LinkedIn groups or dedicated forums where attendees can continue discussions and networking post-event.  Efficient community building keeps the momentum going and fosters long-term engagement.

Content Repurposing

Repurpose content from your event for blogs, webinars and social media posts.  Highlight key takeaways, share speaker insights and showcase attendee testimonials to keep the event alive in the minds of your audience.


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