South Dublin City- Why do people love it so Much? Summer party Ideas are different

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South Dublin City- Maybe not for Summer party ideas

This is often a question I ask myself. I know this to be true based on working for years as a venue finding specialist in Dublin city centre. I often get requests to book an after-work party venue or even whats the best summer party ideas out there or  the best Summer party venues Dublin has to offer. Every day i get contacted by the the likes of company party organisers or Event planners within corporate Dublin asking this.

Having gone through all aspects of an enquiry with a corporate client covering a detailed check list including key elements like the actual date, numbers of people, food requirements, exclusively private area or area reserved. We then get to the location side of things and 99% of the time I am asked to book a venue southside of the river liffey. Being from the countryside myself obviously I have no preference as to what side of the river we book our clients into, but it really is a thing over the years for corporate Dublin. Whether it be for an after-work party or a client looking for a unique venue for a special company occasion when it comes down to it we are asked to go south side. Gas!

Summer party venues Dublin:

I do understand the reasoning for this with the quantity of party venues available on the south Dublin city side far outweighing the North Dublin city side. More options mean it’s just easier to pick a venue south side. What does get me though is when it comes to companies deciding where to have the Summer party venue in Dublin

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The Company Summer party is a one off yearly event and just sticking to south Dublin city when looking for the perfect venue in my opinion is selling yourself short. Honestly there are so many amazing summer party venues available in the entire Dublin county along with the fact that moving outside the city centre means getting a better price offering especially when booking through our free service. Transport is often included in venues summer party packages. This means collection at the company offices directly to the venue & this often adds to the mystique of the event and adds to the build-up & the excitement leading up to the summer party wondering where the location is. For a one off yearly event it’s best for company party organisers to have something up their sleeve.

Outdoor Summer venue Options Dublin & Summer Company party Ideas

Especially if your company is looking for a different type of event with different summer party Ideas. Then it really is best to venture outside the south Dublin city centre. You are most definitely going to have more space and much more outdoor venue options. We have made it our business to be pro active on this for our own clients as well as new enquiries and have teamed up with some incredible unique venue options & amazing summer party venues with the best summer party ideas to go with that you can imagine.

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Hope you enjoyed this short read, all that’s left to do is for you to trust us once for your next enquiry and you won’t regret it. We are creative in our thinking, we always look for the next great idea or new trend. Remember we work with thousands of corporate clients and see what creative ideas that they go with so really, it’s a no brainer to contact our totally free service & let us help plan your next after work party. Summer season & After work parties are just part of what we offer so contact me on anytime

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